Make me a superhero!

Each of us in our life time, came once to an idea and thinking,... '' How would I look like a superhero? Maybe I could fly as Superman, or maybe use the force as Darth Vader, maybe I could be better wizard than Harry Potter?''

Well your guessing is over, now you can order a print of yourself to see how exactly would you look like your favorite character.


To order a commission, click the mail below and contact me with your ideas.

Commissions are really great for occasions like birthday, anniversary, promotion or some other gift.


You can order in different number of persons on the print or different background. Anything you can imagine, I will do my best to make it happen for you.

Below you can see some of my customers satisfied with my work:



Price list:

1 x Character full body with no background = 120 EUR

1 x Character half body with no background = 80 EUR

1 x Character - Portrait with no background = 60 EUR


Simple background = 100 EUR

Complex background = 200 EUR

In case your background with is too much complexed ( in case I have to spend much more time ) the price will be higher.


For any kind of informations, please contact me by my e-mail:, I will be happy to answer you and help you find, what you are looking for.