Hello, I'm Irnes

I've been drawing since the day I can remember, my art path was and still is so mixed and fun.

I've drawn for a long time with colored pencils and later with markers.

Later I've been introduced to digital art, and since that day I can't imagine better day for myself than to sit next to my tablet and create.


I've never went to any kind of art school or art classes. All I know today was learnt by myself with help of different online courses with mentors and by reading and studying different books and watching different video tutorials a lot.


I've spent a lot of years thinking, which style should I have for drawing and for coloring, should I copy another artist, should I ask someone for help to invent my own style?

Well, time passed and I've developed my own style which it got into the hearts of my fans. People really liked my fan artworks so I continue with the same style. Later with a lot of different work, people wanted different commissions, so I started offering commisions as drawing real life persons into their favorite characters.


Art is my passion, I love watching different artist work on their artworks and see them how good they feel about it. Yes, its true, we artist never enjoy our final product, we love the process - because process makes us grow as an artist.


On this website, you will find all the informations, how to order a commission, how to order a prints, stickers, magnets or bookmarks of my fan art. You can also find a tab with my portfolio, so you can see my previous work and maybe you will want me to work with you.